After Surgery

Following surgery you will be cared for in the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit for approximately one hour. This is an area close to the operating theatre where Specialist Nurses will ensure that you are wide awake, comfortable and stable before your return to the ward. You will have a dressing on your shoulder. You may have sling on your arm after some types of surgery.

Mr Lyons, with your approval, likes to keep your partner, family members or next-of-kin informed once your surgery has been completed. As such he will generally contact them by telephone immediately after surgery to advise that all is well. This will also help them to know when best to visit.

Some surgeries require just an overnight hospital stay. Others might need longer. Mr Lyons will visit you every day to monitor your progress and determine when you are comfortable enough to return home. His Physiotherapist will also see you each day. They will instruct you how to commence a graduated rehabilitation program. The types of surgeries Mr Lyons performs do not usually require supervised physiotherapy when you first leave hospital. He prefers that you get comfortable and confident in the early few weeks after surgery. During that time you will follow a home based rehab program as instructed by the physiotherapist in hospital. Mr Lyons may recommend a more formal physio program should your particular condition require it.

Admission to a Rehabilitation Hospital after shoulder surgery is rarely required. Some of our older patients without family support may consider a respite facility as a stepping stone to home. This can be arranged after your surgery if it becomes clear that you need this additional assistance.

When you leave hospital you will be given clear instructions:

  • A Review Appointment will be made
  • You will be provided with Pain Medication
  • The Physiotherapist will review your rehab program
  • You may be required to wear a Sling
  • You can use your arm for light waist level tasks
  • You will be shown how to care for your Surgery Wound
  • You will be able to Shower
  • Request a Medical Certificate if necessary
  • Your GP will already have been advised of the outcome of your surgery
  • Contact Mr Lyons if you have any concerns after your surgery