Before Surgery

Our staff will assist you with booking your surgery including:

  • Surgery Date
  • Hospital Location
  • Admission Time
  • Fasting Instructions (When to stop eating or drinking)
  • Cost Estimates (Informed Finacial Consent)
  • Hospital Paper Work
  • What to Bring (Xrays, Scans, Medications etc.)

Mr Lyons may recommend that you temporarily stop some of your medications before surgery such as blood thinning medications.

If you have a background medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory illness, diabetes or a history of blood clots he may arrange for you to have blood tests, a cardiograph (ECG) or chest xray etc. In such cases he will have arranged for a Specialist Physician to advise on your general medical care before and after surgery.

Mr Lyons will visit you in the hospital ward before surgery. He understands that this is a stressful time for many patients. You have the opportunity to ask any further questions that may help to relieve your anxiety.

Your Anaesthetist will also meet with you. They will review your general medical condition. The anaesthetic procedure will be explained. The anaesthetist will also discuss strategies for keeping you as comfortable as possible after your surgery. Your experiences Orthopaedic Nurses will also help you in this regard.