Mr Lyons performs surgery at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, East Melbourne*. Our staff will be able to advise you of available dates for surgery. We try our best to offer a time to fit in with your other commitments.

St Vincent's Private Hospital, East Melbourne

159 Grey Street
East Melbourne
VIC 3002

Tel: (03) 9928 6555

Driving Directions

Having decided upon a surgery date and location our staff will guide you through the formalities of booking your surgery. They will provide the following written information either in person at our clinic, by email or via post

  1. Your Surgery Date
  2. Hospital Location
  3. Your Admission Time
  4. Fasting Instructions (When to stop eating or drinkingbefore your surgery)
  5. Cost Estimates  for Mr Lyons, the Sugical Assistant and Anaesthetist  (FEE POLICY)
  6. Hospital Paper Work
  7. What to Bring (Xrays, Scans, Medications etc.)

st Vincent’s Private Hospital, East Melbourne

The Hospital requires you to return Pre-Admission forms before your admission to hospital. These forms can be sent to you along with the above information by email or post.

However the Hospital now has the facility for you to complete and submit these forms on-line. Follow the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Link and select On-Line Admission.

WorkCover and TAC Patients

Mr Lyons will need to obtain a written approval for your surgery to proceed. Our staff will contact you when approval has been received. Then your surgery booking will be completed.

Uninsured Patients

This refers to patients who do not have Private Hospital Insurance, Veterans Affair entitlement or a WorkCover or TAC claim. If you decide to self-fund your hospital admission and surgery our staff will provide an accurate estimate of Doctors’ Fees. These will be payable prior to surgery. They will also obtain an accurate estimate of Hospital Fees. These fees will be payable at the time of your hospital admission.

Informed Financial Consent

Informed Financial Consent refers to the principle that all patients must be made aware in advance of surgery of any costs that are not covered by insurance. Mr Lyons is always happy to discuss potential costs of your treatment at the time of consultation. When you book your surgery you will always be provided a written estimate of the costs that will not be covered by your insurance for his fee and that of his Surgical Assistants. His staff will explain how to find a fee estimate for the Anaesthetist.

The Hospital will claims the non-surgery costs associated with your hospital admission. If you have a high level of cover you may find there are no extra hospital costs. If you have a lower level of cover you may be required to pay the hospital an excess or co-payment. Your Private Hospital Insurance Fund will be able to confirm what you are covered for.

*This should not be confused with St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Fitzroy.