Payment Options

Consultation and Surgery Fees may be paid by:

  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque

Consultation Fees

Fees for professional consultation are determined in accordance with Australian Medical Association guidelines.

All patients (Private, Work Cover, and Transport Accident Commission) are required to pay the First Consultation Fee at the time of the first visit to this practice.

There will be a gap between the fee that you are charged and the refund you will be receive from Medicare, Work Cover or the Transport Accident Commission.

Our staff will claim the Medicare component of the fee for Private Patients and you will only pay the gap.

Work Cover and Transport Accident Commission patients will be required to pay the consultation fee in full and then claim a partial refund from the insurer.

Surgery Fees for Private Patients

This practice ensures that you are provided with Informed Financial Consent at the time you book your surgery. Surgery Fees are determined by Australian Medical Association guidelines

This means that you will be provided with a written estimate of the Surgeon's Fee and part of that fee not provided by your insurance.

You will also be provided with a written estimate of the Assistant Surgeon’s Fee.

My staff will also advise you how to find an estimate of the fees for the Anaesthetist assigned to you surgery.

Some private hospital funds allow Mr Lyons to claim the private insurance and Medicare component of your surgery fee electronically. You will then be invoiced for the “gap” amount.

Some private hospital insurance funds do not offer this convenient option. If that applies to your insurer you will receive an invoice for surgery soon after you leave hospital. It is strongly recommended that you pay your account in full and then seek a refund from Medicare and your Private Insurance.

Work Cover & TAC Surgery

If you require a surgery that will be funded by Work Cover or the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Mr Lyons will need to seek a written approval from the insurer in order to schedule your surgery.

When the approval has been received his staff will notify you and a surgery date will be booked.

Your surgery account will be submitted directly to the insurer. Most workers’ compensation and transport accident insurers are prompt in payment. Sometimes insurers can be unreasonably slow. If that proves to be the case you will be notified by my staff. You will then be required to pay you surgery fees and seek reimbursement from the insurer. (See terms of payment below)

Patients without Private Hospital Insurance

If you do not have Private Hospital Insurance you can choose to fund your own admission to a private hospital for surgery. However you should be aware that you will have significant financial costs which will not be refunded.

If you choose this option my staff will provide you with accurate fee estimates from Mr Lyons, his Assistant, the Anaesthetist, the Hospital and the Physiotherapist. All of these fees must be paid in advance of your admission to hospital for surgery.

Overdue Account Policy

  • Payment for Consultation is required on the day.
  • Surgery invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Work Cover invoices overdue by 90 days are immediately payable by patient.
  • TAC invoices overdue by 90 days are immediately payable by patient.
  • Invoices exceeding above terms may be referred to a debt collection service or credit reference agency.