Mr. Lyons performs his surgery at either the East Melbourne or Kew campus of St Vincent’s Private Hospital. Each hospital features a safe and comfortable environment with state of the art medical and surgical equipment and highly experienced staff. He will advise you as to which hospital might be best suited for your surgery.

Factors to consider include availability of dates, your place of residence, the particular type of surgery you require, your age and any serious background medical issues. For instance my older patients undergoing a major surgery such as shoulder joint replacement might be better suited to have a surgery at East Melbourne. My office is just metres from the hospital ward at East Melbourne which allows me to attend within minutes if required in an emergency.

However for my younger and otherwise fit patients the Kew campus can be an excellent option particularly if travelling from the eastern suburbs.

The St Vincent’s Private Hospital link on this page will provide additional useful information about the hospitals. Please note that St Vincent’s Private Hospital also has branches at Fitzroy and Werribee. Mr. Lyons DOES NOT operate at those branches. Please keep that in mind when attending for surgery or advising family and friends of your surgery location. There can be confusion given that the East Melbourne and Fitzroy Hospitals are just a kilometre apart.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Est Melbourne St Vincent’s Private Hospital, East Melbourne

St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Kew St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Kew

St Vincent's Private Hospital, East Melbourne

159 Grey Street
East Melbourne
VIC 3002

Tel: (03) 9928 6555

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