Receptionists / Secretarial Staff




Kate, Sharyn and Sue are ready to welcome you to my practice and assist in any way they can. They bring many years of experience in specialist medical practices. They are ready to serve you.

This practice prides itself its level of professional care and personalised attention. That experience begins with my staff. They understand that facing the prospect of a possible surgical treatment can be stressful.

They will assist you in arranging an initial appointment with Mr Lyons . The will make you welcome and guide you along the treatment pathway. They will help you navigate Medicare, Health Fund and Hospital paperwork as required.

Surgical Assistants

Dr Tim HurrenDr Tim Hurren

Dr Shane MooreDr Shane Moore

Most shoulder surgeries require a surgical assistant. The surgical assistant is a fully trained and registered medical practitioner. His role is to assist the surgeon with various steps of the surgery. The assistant’s tasks might include positioning of the limb during various steps of the procedure. He helps with retraction of tissue and suction to maintain clear vision of the surgical field.

The surgical assistant is an integral part of the surgical team, working hard to achieved your best possible outcome from surgery.

I am proud to have Dr Tim Hurren and Dr Shane Moore assist with your surgery. They have each worked closely with me for many years. They bring a vast experience as outstanding, highly trained surgical assistants.

Specialist Anaesthetists

Dr Richard GrutznerDr Richard Grutzner

Dr Rob BeavisDr Rob Beavis

Dr Graham CannonDr Graham Cannon

Most shoulder surgeries are performed under general anaesthetic. The need for an anaesthetic is naturally a potential concern for patients, especially for of my older patients who commonly have other background medical issues. As such I place the highest importance on my patients being cared for during and following surgery by anaesthetists with outstanding professional skills.

To this end I have worked closely with a core group of anaesthetic professional for many years. It is my commitment that you are in the safest of hands with my anaesthetic colleagues.

Following the assignment of an anaesthetic doctor to your case my office staff will facilitate contact between you and the anaesthetist prior to surgery. This will usually be in the form of a telephone interview prior to surgery and an in person discussion with the doctor after your admission to hospital on the day of surgery. They will thoroughly asses your medical condition, discuss the proposed anaesthetic and strategies to keep you as comfortable as possible following surgery.

You can find out more about your anaesthetist by contacting :

Victorian Anaesthetic Group
173 Burke Road
Glen Iris, VIC

Other Team Members

Your road to recovery may also be assisted by many other health professionals, depending upon your individual circumstances. Once again Mr Lyons has complete confidence in the skills these trusted colleague contribute to your care and safety.

They include:

  • Specialist Orthopaedic Nurses
  • Highly experienced Operating Theatre Nurses
  • Post Anaesthetic Care
  • Physiotherapists
  • Peri-operative Specialist Physicians
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Social Workers
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Hospital Discharge Planners

All of these professionals are available to be called upon as appropriate to achieve the best possible resolution of your shoulder condition.