Any of the bony components of the shoulder may fracture as a result of a wide variety of injuries. The Proximal or Upper Humerus and Clavicle are most often injured. These fractures may require consideration of a surgery based on factors such as the degree of displacement or fragmentation of the bone. Fractures of the scapula are not as common. Depending upon the fracture pattern scapula fractures tend to require a surgery less often than fractures of the Humerus and Clavicle.

  • Clavicle Fractures Clavicle Fractures

    Clavicle Fractures are a common shoulder injury. They typically occur after a direct fall on o the shoulder or outstretched arm. The fracture may inner or outer end of the bone but more often the middle section of the bone. Bicycle or motor vehicle accidents are a common cause. It is an injury that tends to be more common in younger people given their active lifestyle. Clavicle fractures may have a significant impact upon the appearance, comfort, and function of your shoulder. Mr Lyons will also discuss factors such as fracture displacement and bone fragmentation in helping you to decide your best treatment options.

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  • Humerus FracturesHumerus Fractures

    Humerus Fractures involving the upper part of the bone close to the shoulder joint are also common injuries. This part of the Humerus is called the Proximal Humerus. This type of injury tends to occur more so in older patients and especially women. Factors such as osteoporosis and unsteadiness of gait with advancing age may predispose to falls and bone injury. This type of injury will occur in younger age group but generally with a more significant or violent injury. Mr Lyons will again take in to account factors such as bone quality, bone displacement or fragmentation and lifestyle factors when advising about treatments.

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