Your Care

Mr Lyons has only one priority in his practice. Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction is paramount. He knows that a shoulder condition can be an obstacle to pursuing your lifestyle activities, employment tasks and family commitments. More serious and chronically painful conditions can take a toll on your general health and wellbeing. Facing a surgery is naturally a stressful time for many people. He will assure you of his personal and professional assistance throughout your patient journey. His task is not just to assess your condition and perform surgery, but to assist you in a partnership towards the best possible outcome.

Expert Surgeon

Mr Lyons qualified as a specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon more than thirty years ago. He has had additional fellowship training as a shoulder surgeon at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio in the United States. He has since furthered his experience in shoulder surgery through regular attendance at national and international shoulder surgery conferences and participation in continuous professional development activities.

Dedicated Team

Mr Lyons feels privileged to work with a dedicated team of like-minded health professionals. Your patient journey will begin with our highly experienced office staff. Should you require further treatments Mr Lyons will guide you along that pathway. He may require the assistance of trusted colleagues during your treatment program. They may include radiologists, specialist anaesthetists, peri-operative physicians, rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists and orthopaedic nursing professionals.

Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach

Mr Lyons will coordinate your care when required with the assistance of radiologists, specialist anaesthetists and physiotherapists. He may at times require assessment of any background medical issues that could pose a risk during your surgery. He will arrange that assessment by a specialist physician if necessary. An important part of your care is to keep your family doctor or other medical specialist informed of your treatment and progress.

Extensive Experience

Mr Lyons has focused on the treatment of shoulder conditions and injuries for many years. He is confident that this experience allows him to assess, diagnose and treat a wide array of shoulder conditions. He relies upon this experience to strive for the best possible outcome for his patients.

Full Assessment

Mr Lyons is a shoulder surgeon. Many patients are anxious that in being referred to a surgeon they will necessarily require a surgical treatment. However performing shoulder surgery is just one aspect of his medical practice. Surgery is only considered after having followed a careful assessment pathway. That process requires listening to the history of your problem and a thorough physical examination. Special diagnostic tests may be required. A variety of non-surgical treatments may be trialled before getting to the point of considering a surgical treatment.