Where to Come

Your consultation with Mr Lyons will take place at:

The Private Consulting Rooms
Suite 25
141 Grey Street, East Melbourne, VIC 3002

When to Come

You will be provided an appointment time by my staff.

It is recommended especially for a first time appointment that you arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to the designated time in order to complete paper work.

Mr Lyons usually runs close to time with appointments. Initial appointment duration is about 30 minutes. This allows a thorough interview, shoulder examination and discussion of your treatment options. Follow-up appointments are of approximately 15 minutes duration.

You may find it helpful to download our new Patient Registration Form to complete it prior to your first visit and bring it with you.

You may also view our practice Privacy Policy

What to Bring

Please bring the following if available to your first appointment:

  • Referral from your General Practitioner or Specialist
  • Medicare Card
  • Private Hospital Insurance details
  • Work Cover Insurance claim details
  • Transport Accident Insurance (TAC) claim details
  • X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan or MRI Scan Reports
  • X-ray Films, CD Discs, USB Storage or On Line Access Codes for tests if available
  • Previous Surgery Reports or Correspondence
  • Background about other medical conditions
  • Any other material you think relevant

What to Expect

Many patients are understandably nervous when attending a medical appointment. Mr Lyons and his staff will do their best to welcome you, assess your problem, discuss treatment options and get you on the path to recovery.

Mr Frank Lyons

Mr Lyons will invite you to tell him about the issues you have noticed with your shoulder. He will ask about the way in which you hurt your shoulder. It will help if you can outline treatments you have already tried.

He will then recommend a physical examination of your shoulder. He will use examination techniques to assess the various components of your shoulder. This will help him to establish the likely cause of your problem.

Men may be required to remove their jacket and shirt to allow adequate examination. Women will find that a singlet type top under their outer garments will allow Mr Lyons to conduct a complete but respectful examination of their shoulder problem.

He will study any special tests that you may have had such as X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT Scan or MRI scans. If you have not yet had any tests he may recommend x-rays which can be done at the time of your first consultation. If other tests are required they may need to be scheduled at your convenience and plans will be made for discussion of the results as appropriate.

Mr Lyons will advise you in detail of what he considers to be the problem with your shoulder. He will discuss the range of treatment options including observation, medication, physio-therapy and in some cases surgery.

Should a surgery be appropriate he will outline the nature of surgery, the goals of surgery, potential complications of surgery and the after surgery rehabilitation process.

After Your First Visit

The following are some of the possible outcomes of you first visit to my practice:

  • You may not require any particular treatment or further visits
  • A further appointment may be recommended if your condition changes or persists
  • A follow up appointment to monitor a persisting condition may be necessary
  • Non-surgical treatment such as physio, cortisone injection or medication may be advised
  • Surgery may be required.
  • My staff will help you in making a Medicare Claim for your visit
  • My staff will assist you in booking surgery and advising of costs

Paid Parking

Paid Car Parking is usually available at the St Vincent’s Private Hospital car park in Grey Street diagonally opposite from the Consulting Rooms.

Mr Frank Lyons

Street Parking

30 Minute parking may be available in Grey Street and nearby streets. This will usually be adequate for a review consultation.

If it is your first visit it is recommended you try street parking in Grey Street to the East side of Powlett Street where street parking may be available for up to 2 hours. Otherwise consider the hospital car park (see above).

Public Transport

4 different Tram Routes allow easy walking access to Grey Street.

Tram Routes 48 and 75 stop at Jolimont Station in Wellington Parade, East Melbourne (Stop11)

Tram routes 12 and 109 stop at Wellington Street and Victoria Parade , Collingwood (Stop16)

2 Metro Train routes, Hurstbridge & Mernda Lines service Jolimont Station

Melbourne CBD Access

It is an easy and pleasant walk from the Melbourne CBD through the Fitzroy Gardens to Grey Street in East Melbourne.

Country Patients

Many country patients choose to travel to Melbourne by Train or Bus. These Services arrive at the Southern Cross Train Station or Bus Terminal. Tram, Taxi or Uber can complete the short trip to my office in East Melbourne.

If travelling by car please factor in city traffic conditions in order to arrive on time for your appointment.

If you are travelling a long distance you may wish to stay in Melbourne on the night before or after your visit. If you do not have family in Melbourne to assist in this regard, my staff can suggest convenient short stay accommodation options near our office.

Country patients may be able to claim some of their travel costs from the Victorian Patient Scheme Transport Assistance (VPTAS).